Living Is Not Life

You think us bound by night; in day we sleep,
whilst sunlight coats our pale, vaporous forms.
We chuckle, laugh as you lot shout and screech –
at odds over what deity doth call.
But, in vain, you live folk scream at false idols –
gods, you say? Oh, there’s naught around but us:
We ghosts and spectres, ghouls and shadows all –
heeding hollow drums, clogged by age and dust.
And once the clocks are still there’s naught else left
but join us – as our rookie poltergeist:
spend forever in our ranks, watch them rest –
those silly, flesh-bound creatures, trapped by life.

Now as they scream in dreams, are they aware?
Life cannot start until they meet their death.

by Jenny Steiert
published on DeviantArt,  August 2012