A small collection of my prose, poetry and script work. Excluding poetry, if you’d like to read beyond the excerpt, don’t hesitate to email me.


Cotton Sunlight

One of my older stories, written in 2011 for the DeviantArt group LaCoterie’s annual Transgressions contest, the theme that year being ‘taboos and transgressions’. I decided on the theme of filicide, although I struggled with the story and how to make the mother’s eventual decision understandable without trying to justify it. However, the story received an honourable mention in the contest’s results, showing that despite some wavering of clarity behind the mother’s motivations, my flair with imagery allowed this story to shine. My knowledge of storytelling has evolved in the following 5 years, but despite its flaws, I still find this story to be a strong example of my writing style and my willingness to experiment. The qualities of the story seem to have endured as well, because it was featured on DeviantArt as a Daily Deviation in 2013, a major feature on the website garnering lots of attention for the related artists.

A Need for Answers

An excerpt written a few years ago for the opening of a novel idea I was working on (the novel itself has been put aside for now. My aim is to make it experimental, a la Ella Minnow Pea, and I need to familiarise myself with that style before I can continue). The theme involved elements of horror and surrealism, as well as being set in the wake of an apocalyptic scenario that pushed humanity back to primitive times. I posted it on DeviantArt, where it received a feature on October 10, 2012 from ‘Daily Literature Deviations’, being described as ‘A clever flash fiction piece that leaves the conclusion of the plot wide open for the reader to imagine.’

Routine Maintenance

Also written during my second year of University. This free-verse poem was an attempt to convey my less than amiable regard to written exams, while also channelling my interest in the steampunk sub-culture. The inclusion of clockwork in the vaguely described exam-hall brought alive the themes of anxiety and on a lesser scale, entrapment, something that worked rather well with the tone of the poem. This is also displayed in my DeviantArt gallery, and I entered it into the group DA-Poetic‘s first official contest, where it received third place.

Living is Not Life

Written in response to a prompt by the DeviantArt group LaCoterie, ‘write an ironic sonnet’. It was intended to explore thoughts regarding the afterlife: heaven, hell, haunting – all from the perspective of a mischievous spirit that attempted to liken to Puck of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This spirit would watch over humanity scrambling to enter heaven, live a righteous life, all that, and would be doubled over in laughter with his dramatically ironic knowledge that it was all for nought. The poem won best prompt response for that month, and can be found in my DeviantArt gallery here.

Lights in the Sky

In comparison to everything else up here, this one is pretty old. Five years at the very least, because I remember my boyfriend linking it to Lights in the Sky by Nine Inch Nails, despite there – sadly – being no correlation between the two. I believe, though it is buried in the narrow and maze-like pathways of memory, that I was exploring the sensation of light and darkness comparatively – making some veiled reference to Byron’s She Walks in Beauty. It’s one of my older ones that I’m still pretty happy with. That doesn’t happen too often. It was published in The Travelling Yeti magazine’s September 2011 issue. It can also be found on my DeviantArt gallery.

Essay on ‘State of Nation’ Plays

The first third of an essay I wrote for my Contemporary Drama module at the end of my second year of university, focusing on three plays that might be regarded as State of Nation or State of England plays – namely Jerusalem by Jez Butterworth, Our Country’s Good by Timberlake Wertenbaker and The History Boys by Alan Bennett – and arguing whether they could really be considered as such. As a result, the essay examined what ‘State of Nation’ plays actually are and pitted that against elements of the plays, making detailed analysis of each of them. Clearly something went well because it was graded with a first – 72 out of 100 to be specific.

Treatment for my Screenplay ‘Xiezhi’

Shy of an extract of the script itself, the treatment shows my success in navigating the  hardest job known to writers: summing it up. Putting a novel on a page, where it isn’t impossible to read. I don’t have much experience in copywriting, beyond perhaps the articles I wrote in school (ha!), so until I get a little more – learn a little more, even – this’ll have to do. Given that the treatment is supposed to make other people want to read or watch your script/film, I made sure to get the opinion of someone else (who wasn’t on my module… or even my course!) which really helped to improve the treatment. Just made it a little more enticing, I suppose.


For more of my writing, take a look at my DeviantArt Portfolio that I’ve put together. You can also see the rest of my gallery here (although that includes writing I’ve done since I’ve been in secondary school, so you have been warned!). Also, you can find a bunch of my contributions to the Pixel Dynamo news site on my author page, even though I am sadly no longer writing there.

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