Published Work

Over the summer I contributed articles to Pixel Dynamo, a site publishing news on the games industry. Some highlighted articles are below, among some more of my published work. You can find the full collection of my contributions on my author page.


December 2016
FantaSci Issue 2 – UCL Sci-Fi and Fantasy Society

May 2016
Mirror’s Edge: Looking Back – Daily News Service

April 2016
The ‘BioWare Is An Actual Troll’ affair – Daily News Service
The Choice – YouTube

March 2016
Children, Consequences, and Gears of War 4 – Daily News Service
Speculant Run Rampant: Beyond Good and Evil 2 – Daily News Service

October 2015:
A Look Into Jujitsu – Chichester Social

September 2015:
Afro Samurai 2: The sequel we’ve been waiting for? – Pixel Dynamo
Sony announce Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate PS4 EU bundle – Pixel Dynamo
Misleading “Metal Gear Solid Legacy” appears on Steam – Pixel Dynamo
Deadpool remaster announced for PS4 and Xbox One – Pixel Dynamo

August 2015:
Messhoff’s Flywrench now available on Steam – Pixel Dynamo
Fool’s Theory and IMGN.PRO announce Seven – Pixel Dynamo
NVIDIA GeForce Experience update allows co-op streaming -Pixel Dynamo
Bethesda’s lips are sealed on Fallout 4’s story – Pixel Dynamo
Resident Evil 2 remake announced by Capcom – Pixel Dynamo

July 2015:
MercurySteam tease new project in the works – Pixel Dynamo
Further details of Project Setsuna revealed – Pixel Dynamo
British MP delivers speech on games industry – Pixel Dynamo

September 2011:
Lights in the Sky – The Travelling Yeti