Game Narrative

I am still working on other projects, and as these progress I intend to add a few other items to this portfolio. While it will be mostly be text, I plan to also add images and pictures of gameplay, where possible. Much like with my Writing portfolio, these are excerpts and if you would like to see more of them, don’t hesitate to email me.

Project Kitchen Roll: Written June 2014 – Still In Development

An excerpt of a 2D puzzle platformer I am currently writing for in development by the one-day games development studio 1080, with the intent of raising awareness for the disabled. The story follows Kam, a young photojournalist exploring a confectionery factory ghost town known currently as Sweetlandia. After an accident blinds her, she has to navigate the deserted and hostile environment of the factory town and its surrounding, all while coming to terms with her newfound disability and forging a new understanding of the ghosts of her past. However, she is forced to tackle more than her own ghosts, as the factories are haunted by spirits of their own. The game focuses on a unique visual echolocation mechanic, and with little to no dialogue, the story is revealed through text-based narration in a style similar to Thomas Was Alone, and through discovering the stories behind objects scattered across the levels, much like in Bioshock.


Waking Up Blind

The game is on hiatus as the Lead Designer and I work to develop our skills, given the ambition of the project, but we intend to return to this at a later date. You can find more information here.

Project Soul Pulse: Written from July to November 2014 – Unshipped

Written for a futuristic, top-down shooter planned to be released in episodes upon shipping, I took this project as an opportunity to really flex my artistic muscles, as well as explore greater diversity in the characters.The story is set several hundred years in the future, with the majority of humanity living on the various moons scattered around Jupiter – but the mood is tense, and there are several factions always causing trouble while corruption and tyranny breeds within the others.

The focus is on two protagonists who are both searching for someone they have lost. The first is Cyrus Alecto, a man working in the ‘Solstice’ Armed Enforcement Unit – one equivalent to the modern police force – and also working to find and save his boyfriend from imprisonment and revenge himself upon the pirate who caused his wrongful arrest. The second is Zoe Delphin, a transgender woman working as a Private in the Helios Union Taskforce – something equivalent to the military – who specifically joined the H.U.T. to find her son, who abandoned her to join the Mayflies – an activist group focused towards a single end goal: to have the Soul Pulse device, which allows a person’s consciousness to transfer to another body and essentially allow them to live indefinitely, either destroyed or removed from public use.

The idea of the Soul Pulse device formed a central mechanic for the game and provided me with a wealth of possibilities to explore how humanity might evolve, laying the groundwork for several ethical and philosophical issues to explore in the story.

Episode 1, Mission 2 Script

While the excerpt above is only for the second mission of Episode 1, the document below is a detailed summary for the entire episode, to give an idea for how I was setting up the rest of the story to progress. Although this project is now on hold and unlikely to be finished, I found it invaluable in learning about writing a story-driven game and plan for it to be the foundation for many more projects to come.

Summary of Episode 1

Project Bo and Pete: Written from July to November 2014 – Unshipped

Written for a Sci-Fi 2D platformer, this documents my first efforts in writing for a story-driven game. The story followed the adventures of cargo ship pilot Bo and her amorphous mechanic Pete when, by way of a glancing meteor collision, are sent crashing into a nearby planet. After escaping the shipwreck, they have to explore the planet to find some way of getting their ship space-worthy again, or find some other route off the planet. The planet is not uninhabited, however, and is populated by a tribal race known as the Couyo – who cannot abide shades unmatched with their favoured reds, yellows and oranges. Things go from from bad to worse as the Couyo turn hostile after discovering the one who murdered their leader, and it soon turns out that the meteor sent hurtling towards the planet may have been a deliberate act by a crew of a different race altogether – one with designs on enslaving the inhabitants.

Although I am no longer writing for this project, the dialogue below was intended at the time to be conveyed through either speech bubbles or Pokemon-style text-boxes at the bottom of the screen. If nothing else, it formed a good start to game writing that I developed in further projects.

Dialogue Script


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