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Here speaks a nerd, otaku, gamer – but most importantly a creator. For the most part that means writing – scriptwriting and poetry especially, but now I’ve set my sights on world domination through the medium of Narrative Design and Interactive Fiction. In terms of writing, I love a challenge, and am always happy to bat around ideas with others – with water, coke or cider to hand, because damn it all that talk dries the mouth.

Beyond that, I am also an accomplished musician and continue to grow slowly more obsessed with knitting and crochet (yarrrrrrrn). I’m a bit of fanatic about mythology – Japanese especially. Hell, I’m mad about Japan in general – and I spend a lot of my time trying to learn the language. That, and enjoying sushi, getting to grips with bento and getting my butt kicked in Jujitsu. Of course, my plans for a narratively dominated world wouldn’t mean much without being an avid gamer (How many times have I stayed up all night playing BioShock? I don’t want to think about it), and I love to dive into sci-fi and fantasy games – or just relax on Halo or SSX.

When I’m not doing that, I’m adding to my growing collection of books and tea, writing more poetry and having fun with cosplay.

By following the links above you can find a bunch of writing samples I put together. If you’d like to see a little more, well, you could always take a gander at my DeviantArt portfolio. You can also find all of my contributions to Pixel Dynamo here.

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