An Unlikely Chill-Out Game: AC Unity

Here’s a new idea that I’ve had: find games that are fun to chill-out with, but probably shouldn’t be, and write about them. Don’t consider this a review, though – I’m just poking holes in silly games and finding unexpectedly fun things about them (even if it’s a bad thing). There are a few I’d like to write about, but I’ll start with what I’m currently playing.

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Passengers – Is It Watney?

It’s funny how long-distance space travel seems like – if not a far off possibility – an inevitable necessity. Assuming, of course, we don’t eventually push our planet to the brink of destruction. Eco-Activist Sensibilities, Activate! Renewable energy! Nuclear power! Compost Toilets! Oh, to hell with all that – run away at light speed! (Or close enough)

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