Accursed Bed

My new bed appears to have sucked away my ability to wake up to my alarm and I don’t liiiike iiiit.

Ok, I actually love my new bed cause it’s so much more comfortable but this is annoying. I’m assuming it has something to do with the added comfort. Because I’m sleeping better I’m sleeping much more deeply, and suddenly to hell with the alarm! This is really annoying, especially since I’ve got my alarm as loud as it can go – should I attach it to a speaker?

As my mum keeps telling me, it obviously means I have to get used to going to bed early if I can’t even use a reason to get up early to get me up (wow, weird wording). I’d be lying if I said this was never a problem before, I’d still get up late – but hell, at least my alarm still woke me up! (I’d just turn it off and go back to sleep. Ain’t I a stinker)

This is pretty frustrating cause I am absolutely am a night owl. I work better at night, my ragged focus is better at night – and I feel more awake at night. Is it possible to just force myself into a morning routine? Probably. Do I want to? No. Think I have to, though, which is incredibly annoying.

On the bright side, the better sleep should help me get through this cold. I somehow managed to get two colds at once, or in very short succession at the very least. I really don’t like being ill – though I don’t even consider a cold an illness, really. Just a minor glitch in my immune system.

So I can’t even justify taking a sick day when it gets bad, ha!

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