Well, This Worked Out Well

I can’t even remember when it was I last tried to write or even finished a post on this place. It was definitely still summer, and involved my boyfriend’s Smash-esque game Project Footstool – which you should still play, by the way. Although only on Internet Explorer, since it uses Unity Web Player. He’s been talking about putting it through Steam Greenlight though, so things aren’t done with that.

I’m serious, it’s pretty fun. Silly, but fun – and isn’t that the point with (party) fighting games? Even if it’s not as elaborate or visually striking as Lethal League or DiveKick – it’s just as fun.

Anyway, I’m getting off-topic. I think I may need to adjust how I do this blog. Before, I was thinking of something more analytical, like with books I’d read – I was getting my thoughts down. That however, was more intended to help me with my dissertation, which is now finished, marked and relatively awesome, so that’s not really necessary anymore. Plus, it got out of hand pretty quick since I didn’t try and structure it. It was literally just talking about all the images I spotted and what I saw in them – I still have a draft on here about the images of cleansing in the Binding of Isaac and I still haven’t set aside the time to consider how I’d go about writing that. Although, it would probably be a thousand words about crying away poop and dissolving a horrific variety of deformed and mutated siblings, so maybe that’s for the best. I’ll still have it kicking around, though.

I think, this time, it’s going to be more of a short affair. Stuff to do with my life, stuff I’m writing. Cool Japanese things I’ve learned about, a little mythology. I’ll still write about books I’ve read, games I’ve played, films I’ve seen – but I’ll keep it to what I thought about them instead of outright analysis. Maybe highlight an awesome part or two in detail. I have to reign myself in – the human mind, without restrictions, is way more likely to scrawl. We need boundaries, so we have something to fight against. Rules to bend, cages to warp. You know the phrase ‘thinking outside the box’? It doesn’t really work if there isn’t a box to begin with.

So that’s a thing I’ll keep working on. In the meantime, things are good! I’ve started taking jujitsu classes again, I’m still writing. The main things I need to work on are my horrendous sleeping pattern and regular music practice. Or… any at all, really. It’s not laziness, but it is a problem. We all need to work on something.

I’ll leave it there, for now. I have a soppy, mysterious and slightly mad roleplay post to write. Did I ever say I did that? It’s fun.

Till next time.


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