Hello There

Do you know who ate all the doughnuts?

Anyway, hi. Hello.

Most of this will probably be on Japanese things so I can collect thoughts for my dissertation this year, which shockingly, covers Japanese mythology and literature. Some of it will be for my writing portfolio, as it’s about time I started bringing that together. The rest will be random thoughts and possibly rants, if I’m feeling eloquent enough.

Oh, games will also be covered as, fun fact, I want make a career writing game narrative and designing levels. Cue much research and practising.

Also, random introductory post excretes randomness and rainbows. Gotta start somewhere, eh?

Basically, feel blessed humans as my opinions rain down upon you and I pretend they are any more valuable than any other opinion. Damn free speech.

? bn

My boyfriend is rubbing his face on my keyboard and biting my fingers as he pretends to be a cat. Fun fact.

Why lychees, you ask? Well, I use the pen-name Lychalis and that’s how everyone seems to pronounce it, with a long ‘i’. I tend towards the shorter sound, as in Lych gate which, funnily enough, is from where I drew the name. Lychee/lychie makes a nice short version.

Also, lychees are yummy.


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